Why should you take a free tour of your city?

"Why should you Take a free Spanish tour of the city you are visiting?"


The 9 reasons why
a free tour suits you

There is muchas razon by the that fromberías make a tour gratuito from your ciudad. At first lugar, is aa great manwas from withocer withocer the historia y the cultura from the ciudad you intend to explore. También is aa forma ewithómica from recorrer the ciudad y withocer your principales atraccionis. But there is much more!

Here are 9 reasons why we understand that you should take advantage of your stay in a city to discover it in many ways, and the best way to do so is perhaps through free guided tours.

We give you our reasons why you should go on a free tour, but the decision is obviously yours!

Everyone is as they are and likes to explore in their own way...

When you visit a new city, what is the first thing you do?

Do you stroll through its streets and admire its architecture or monuments?

Do you make a stop at a local coffee shop or store to discover the local culture?

Or maybe you prefer to do something more active, like a free tour that allows you to combine the best of each world?

That’s our opinion and if free guided tours are booming in recent years, there must be a reason!

Try the unique experience of free tours, you have little to lose!

Free Tour Oporto
Free Tour Granada
Free Tour Florence
Free Tour Budapest

1. You will have a pleasant and fun time.

The first thing is that you’re going to have a good time!

It is aa great manwas from pasar a rato agradable y divertgoneA coOne of the fun things about the free tours is that the guides are usually very funny and tell you very interesting stories about the city.

Here we really enjoy the free guided tours we have taken in different cities, and find it an ideal way to get to know a new location.

Don’t expect to spend a bland moment of boredom or too formal but quite the opposite!

Some tours are focused on more cultural or historical themes or tours. Others are more original and some are even made on bicycles today. If there is one thing all the free tours have in common, it is that they always take place in a pleasant and informal atmosphere. At the end of the day it is a moment of leisure and people come to enjoy and have a good time with family, as a couple or with friends.

2. It is a great way to meet other tourists.

¡Sí, withocerMore a otras personas! ¿Por qué? Bueno, cuando go to a a país nuevo, ¡no withocis a nadie! The tours free of charge are aa great manwas from withocer gentity nuego to, now that are grupales y totwo tienen atgo en común: ¡your amor by the viajis! Clhoop, también puedis withocer gentity en the hostales o en the bares, foro with the free tours, ¡tienis a guía!

Tambifree excursions you dan the oportaity from withocer a otras personas that estan visitando the ciudad by primwas go toz, lo cual is geneial yes viajas only. It is aa great manwas from withocer gentity nuego to. No there is nada mejor that poder compartgo to your experiencia from viahe with otras personas that estan en the samea siteacis website that tú.

Viajar only puede be a poco aterrador, foro with the free tours nunca you sentgo toMore only. WithocerMore a otras personas that likelymente tengan some interesis in common with you, haciendo that the experiencia en general be mucho mejor.

Free Tour Venice

3.You will learn about the history and culture of the city.

There is no definitive way to discover the culture of a city. However, touring the city is an excellent way to start.

This will allow you to see the main sights and get a feel for the atmosphere of the city.

From there, you can explore different neighborhoods, attend local events and sample the food to get a fuller picture of the city’s culture.

There is something special about visiting a new city. There is much to explore and discover. Each city has its own unique history and culture. It is wonderful to be able to experience all these different aspects of the world.

It can be very revealing and insightful to see how other people live. Besides, it’s just nice to try new things and have new experiences. Visiting a new city is a great way to do this.

We love learning about new cultures and the history of the city. It is fascinating to see how different cities have developed over time.

4. It is an economical way to tour the highlights of the city.

The free tour are divertidos bythat are aa forma en that puedis withocer aa ciudad from forma ewithómica. No tienis that pagar nada for ago toyou a ellos, y you llevan by the lugares mMore interesformerly from the ciudad.

Youonly have togivea
(it’s more than just a tip really!) when you finish the tour with your tour guide. It is aa forma ideal for hereellos that viajan with a presupuesto ajustado.

5. You will discover corners of the city that you would not otherwise know.

¡Explorar the ciudad with a grupo from amigos is the mejor manwas from descubrir rinwithis that from otra forma nunca withocerías! Recorrer the callis, probar the mejores restaurantis y descubrir lugares nuevos is mucho mMore divertgone with compañía. AdemMore, yes you pierfrom, siempre puedis pedgo tole a atguien that you guíe. And for visitas culturalis, ¡a grupo también is ideal! Aceí podrMore intercambiar opinionis y tat aa experiencia mMore rica y completa.

6. You will visit the main attractions of the city.

The experiencia from visitar the principales atraccionis from the ciudad is muy gratificto.

It is aa forma from withocer the historia y the cultura from a lugar, así como your paisajis naturalis.

También is aa forma from relajarse y disfrutar from the compañía from a grupo It also allows you to see firsthand the beautiful natural landscapes that a city has to offer.

Free Tour Bilbao

7. You will be able to take pictures in emblematic places of the city.

The experiencia from hacer fotos en lugares emblemátickos is aa forma from capturar the isence from a lugar a travis from the fotografía. See trata from capturar the espíritu from lugar, from your habitformerly y from your paisajis. It is aa forma from withectar with the lugar a travis from the fotografía

8. You will learn anecdotes and curiosities of the city.

Aprender anécdotas y curiosidades from the ciudad is aa experiencia muy interesto. También is muy divertgone escuchar anécdotas from the vgo to cotidiana from the gentity that vive a day to day life very different from yours. Learning about the history, culture and traditions of the city is also very enriching.

free tour valencia
Free Tour Valencia

9. The guide will help you find your way around the city.

The guías turísticos are profisionalis that to ispecializan en acompañar a grupos from turistas y mostrarles the principales atractivos from aa ciudad o regis website.

Therefore, their job is precisely to provide visitors with interesting and useful information about the places they visit, as well as to answer any questions they may have.

Ask all the questions you can think of during your free tour, this is again the main attraction of having someone to accompany and guide you.

Some tour guides also offer additional services, such as arranging excursions or museum visits outside the free tour.

Conclusion? In fact, there is even a tenth reason

And “last but not the least”, it is
a sustainable and responsible form of tourism

And it is that el turism sostenible y responsable is not other than aa forma from turism that tiene como objetivo minimizar the impacto ambientat y social from turism, mientras maximiza the beneficios ewithómicos for the comaidades locales.

We understand that it is also very likely that it gives you great satisfaction to contribute to a sustainable, responsible and close ecosystem.
to contribute to a sustainable, responsible and local ecosystem
in the place you visit.