The best hiking trails to explore in Asturias

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Hiking in Asturias

Asturias, known as the Natural Paradise of Spain, is a magical enclave for all those who love hiking and nature. Its green mountains, stunning beaches and towering cliffs make this region of northern Spain a must-see destination for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse themselves in an environment of unparalleled beauty.

Here are some of the best hiking trails in Asturias, from coastal paths to breathtaking mountain routes.


This natural park has multiple hiking trails that vary in distance and difficulty. One of the most outstanding is the ascent to Peña Ubiña, one of the highest peaks in Asturias. The landscape that can be seen from its summit is simply indescribable.

2. Cares Route

One of the most popular and spectacular routes in Asturias is the Ruta del Cares. This crossing, which extends for about 12 kilometers, runs between the towns of Poncebos and Cain. The mostly flat trail offers breathtaking views of gorges, mountains and rock tunnels. It is a route suitable for everyone, although it is recommended to wear appropriate footwear.

3. Coastal Camino de Santiago

Although the Camino de Santiago is mainly known for its main route that crosses all of Spain, the Coastal Route that passes through Asturias offers dreamy coastal scenery. Along this route, pilgrims can enjoy secluded beaches, cliffs and small villages full of history.

4. Route of the Xanas

Often compared to the Cares Route but in miniature version, the Xanas Route is a hidden gem. The trail of approximately 8 kilometers takes you through gorges and forests, culminating in the village of Pedroveya. It is ideal for a half-day excursion.

5. Muniellos Forest

The Muniellos Forest is one of the most important biological reserves in Asturias. To protect its rich biodiversity, access is limited to a certain number of visitors per day. Here, hikers can explore more than 20 kilometers of trails through a practically virgin forest, home to the Cantabrian brown bear.

Muniellos Forest

6. Ascent to the Mirador del Fitu

For those looking for a short but visually rewarding route, the ascent to the Mirador del Fitu is an excellent option. Although the trail only covers about 2 kilometers, from the viewpoint you get a panoramic view of the Cantabrian Sea and the Picos de Europa mountain range.

7. Playa del Silencio and Cabo Vidío

This is a route that combines sea and mountain. From the picturesque village of Cudillero, hikers can head towards the Playa del Silencio, one of the most beautiful beaches in Asturias. From there, it is possible to continue to Cabo Vidío, from where there are impressive views of the cliffs and the sea.

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8. Sueve Mountain Range

Although Asturias is famous for its coastal landscapes and the Picos de Europa, we cannot forget the Sierra del Sueve. This mountain range, visible from many points along the Asturian coast, is famous for hosting a population of asturcones, a type of native pony. One of the most popular routes here is the ascent to Picu Pienzu, the highest peak in the sierra. From the summit, the panoramic views range from the sea to the mountains, offering a unique perspective of Asturias.

9. Route of the Windmills in Villaviciosa

This road is a reminder of the importance of the mills in Asturian rural life. Along this route, which follows the course of the Profundo River, hikers can observe several restored mills, while immersed in a green and peaceful environment. It is an ideal excursion for families and for those who want a relaxed walk.

10. Las Foces del Río Pendón

Located near Nava, in the heart of Asturias, this trail introduces us to a beautiful gorge formed by the Pendón River. The vegetation, waterfalls and tranquility of the place make it perfect for those seeking to reconnect with nature.

11. Route of the Viewpoints in Llanes

Llanes, one of the most touristic destinations in Asturias, not only offers beaches and gastronomy. The Viewpoint Route, which runs along the coast, allows hikers to discover hidden corners and obtain spectacular views of the Bay of Biscay. Along this route, you can visit viewpoints such as La Boriza, Vidiago or Andrin, each with its own particular charm.

Tips for hiking in Asturias

For those who decide to embark on the Asturian adventure, it is essential to remember a few tips:

  • Proper equipment: Be sure to wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking, as well as appropriate clothing for the mountains, even in summer, as the weather in Asturias can be quite changeable.

  • Respect the environment: Asturias is a natural paradise, so it is crucial not to leave garbage, not to make fires and to respect the fauna and flora of the place.

  • Be informed: Before embarking on any route, it is essential to find out about its difficulty, duration and whether it requires special permits.

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Asturias, known by many as the “Natural
“Natural Paradise” of Spain
of Spain, fully justifies this title through each of its roads, mountains, forests and coasts. The essence of this northern region is found not only in its landscapes, which by themselves are of undeniable beauty, but also in the way these environments invite reflection, discovery and deep connection with nature.

hiking route in Asturias
is a journey in itself. It is not only a physical walk, but a spiritual journey, a space where one can find oneself, clear the mind and fill the spirit with the serenity that these places offer. The mountains, tall and majestic, speak to us of the grandeur of nature and the humility we should feel before it.

The forests, dense and green, tell us stories of centuries past and invite us to respect and preserve the delicate balance of life. The coasts, with their fierce Cantabrian Sea, remind us of the uncontainable force of nature and the need to find harmony with it.

In short,
Asturias is not simply a destination, it is an experience.
One that lingers in the memory and in the heart long after the trails have been hiked and the mountains have been climbed.