Free Tour Kit: The Solution to Manage your Free Tours Online.

Why don't you set it up on your own?

You are just a few clicks away from Your Solution to manage your Free Tours!

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Everything you need to set up your own Free Tour

Any authorized guide can set up his free tour on his own.

If you are already an authorized guide in your autonomous community and you want to work as a guide…why don’t you do it!

Free tours are booming in Spain and throughout the rest of Europe and the world.

Why set up your own free tour website?

Demand continues to grow and everything indicates that this segment of tourism will continue to grow in the coming years.

If you are clear about the regulations that allow you to practice your profession as a guide in the place where you want to work and you are willing to work on your own, do not hesitate and just decide to start in a few days!

From Mi Free Tour, we will make it very easy for you to manage your website, your availability and your reservations. Then you must decide with your own determination whether you want it to be a salary supplement or a business activity as a self-employed person, which you probably already are.

While there are several options and types of free tours in Spain, most are usually tours that include approximately 10 to 12 people. and last between 1 and 3 hours depending on the planned itinerary.

How much can I earn doing free tours?

In a voluntarily simplistic way, we would say that you can earn as much money as you want within reason, of course! In other words, don’t expect to earn 5,000 euros a month working 5 hours a week. But “in normal times” the free tours should allow you to earn a living wage if you consider it as a profession and provide your services in a tourist area.

To begin with, it is worth adding that the answer to the question of whether or not
can one make a living from free tours?
depends on 3 crucial factors in the exercise of your activity:

  • your online reputation
  • your distribution capacity
  • your empathy or chemistry with each group you carry

Do you know what the good news is?We can help you with the first 2! Your part is to organize a free tour just as you would for the visit of a relative to whom you want to show the best of a particular place. Usually the center of a city, a monument or an outdoor point of interest that requires more than just a glance.

As obvious as it sounds, the better you do it, the more generous your customers will be in their tips and the better reviews they will leave you. You will get your free tour guide ecosystem to feed back: Satisfied Customers>High Tips>Good Reviews>More Bookings!

Get training on each of these topics or entrust us with all or part of the tasks that will guarantee your online success. We are specialists in free tours, marketing and online sales.

What does the Free Tour Kit consist of?

Possibly your best option to manage your Free Tour in an efficient and easy way.

The Free Tour Kit is an integrated solution that covers all your online marketing and distribution needs to promote and sell your free tours online.
Review the features covered in each plan to decide which one best suits your needs.

My Free Tour’s goal here is to make it easy for you. We know that your trade is another one. Make your customers have a great time, this is your art, and for the rest you have us!

Online Agenda

Own Web

Direct Customers

Main Benefits of the Free Tour Kit

Here you will find an unparalleled offer to launch and maintain your business as a free tour guide. The Free Tour Kit will bring you multiple benefits as a guide and professional in the tourism and cultural sector. We highlight this software specially designed for free tours that will allow you:

  • Digitizing your free tour: for us it means doing everything from your mobile!
  • Manage your own customers: i.e. choose your own schedules, content and availability
  • Get your customers directly with your own website

And if that were not enough, all packages include management software to manage all the services you want to offer, whether it is a free tour or if you also want to create other paid tours.

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