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San Rafael free tours are free tours organized by guides that show the most emblematic tourist sites of a town or city. These tours are usually done on foot.

Although there are several options and types of free tours in Argentina, most of them tend to be tours that include approximately 10 to 12 people. and last between 1 and 3 hours depending on the planned itinerary.

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What to see and do in San Rafael?

San Rafael, located in the province of Mendoza, Argentina, is a tourist destination that captivates with its natural beauty and a wide range of activities. Surrounded by the majestic Andes Mountains and bathed by the Atuel River, this place has become a true paradise for ecotourism lovers. With breathtaking landscapes of fertile valleys and endless vineyards, San Rafael offers its visitors unique experiences.

Municipal Palace
The Municipal Palace of San Rafael is an architectural jewel located in the heart of this charming city. This imposing neoclassical building, built in the early 20th century, stands majestically in front of the Main Square and serves as the administrative headquarters of the local government. Its impressive facade stands out for its elegance and ornamental details, such as Corinthian columns supporting a triangular pediment with classical reliefs.

San Rafael Arcángel Cathedral
The majestic San Rafael Arcángel Cathedral, located in the city of San Rafael, is an architectural treasure that captivates all visitors with its imposing presence. Built in the 19th century, this historical jewel stands as a silent witness to glorious moments and religious events. Its neo-Gothic façade stands out for its intricate hand-carved details in white limestone, which contrast with the multicolored stained glass windows that adorn its immense windows.

San Martin Square
San Martín Square, located in the beautiful city of San Rafael, is an emblematic place that captivates its visitors with its charm and history. This iconic public space is surrounded by imposing colonial-style buildings and has a wide variety of leafy trees that provide shade and coolness during the hot summer days.


At the indicated time we will meet at the Kilometer 0located at
Bartolomé Mitre Avenue
to start this
free tour of San Rafael
. At this point we will begin to discover the history of one of the most outstanding localities of the province of Mendoza.
province of Mendoza.

During the tour, we will explore the
history of San Rafael
while we walk and contemplate different black and white photographs. These images will help you to better visualize what the city was like at the beginning of the 20th century. To understand that era, we will pass by the buildings of the
Union Hotel
and the
Banco de la Nación Argentina

Next, we will stop in front of the headquarters of the radio station
radio station LV4
. Did you know that it was the first radio in San Rafael? It dates back to 1938! The next stop will take place in front of the
former headquarters of the Banco Hipotecario
a neo-colonial architectural jewel declared Cultural Heritage.

After contemplating the façade, we will continue our tour passing by the Municipal Palace.
Municipal Palace and the Rodolfo Iselín School.
and the Rodolfo Iselín School. Do you know who this great local character was? We will find out! The route will then continue to the
San Martín square
where we will contemplate the cathedral of San Rafael Arcángel.

Finally, after a two and a half hour tour, we will pass through the
Inmigrant’s Square
and we will conclude the free tour in front of the Railway Museum.

Meeting Point and Duration

The meeting point for the San Rafael Free Tour is at Kilometer 0 in San Rafael. It lasts approximately two hours.

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