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While there are several options and types of free tours in Spain, most are usually tours that include approximately 10 to 12 people. and last between 1 and 3 hours depending on the planned itinerary.

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What to see and do in Ubeda?

Úbeda is a city located in the province of


in Andalusia. Known for its Renaissance monuments and its impressive historical-artistic heritage,
is a true cultural treasure that deserves to be visited.

Vela de los Cobos Palace
The Vela de los Cobos Palace is an architectural jewel located in
in Úbeda, Andalusia. This 16th century
16th century
was built by the Vela de los Cobos family and has an impressive Renaissance courtyard surrounded by Tuscan columns. In addition, its main facade presents a late Gothic style with ornamental plateresque details and beautiful linteled windows.

Vázquez de Molina Square
The Plaza Vázquez de Molina is an emblematic square located in the historic center of the charming city of
located in the Andalusian region of southern Spain. This place is a true architectural treasure and an exceptional example of the Spanish Renaissance. Its astonishingly well-preserved buildings, such as the
Palace of Dean Ortega
City Hall
or the
Sacred Chapel of the Savior
impress any visitor with their majesty and beauty.

Sacred Chapel of the Savior
The Sacred Chapel of the Savior is an architectural jewel located in the town of
Andalusia. This chapel was built by Francisco del Castillo in the 16th century.
XVI century
and presents a spectacular renaissance style. Its façade has an impressive façade that opens to visitors to show them its majestic interior.


At the appointed time, we will start our free tour of Úbeda in the Real Streetthe most important and busiest street of the historical center.

During the tour we will pass by the
Palace of the Counts of Guadiana
the Church of San Pedro and the House of the Orozco family
the place chosen by the
writer Antonio Muñoz Molina
to set one of his novels. We will also pass by the
Convent of Santa Clara, the Palace of Anguis de Medinilla and the Vela de los Cobos Palace, which is still inhabited and has been
which is still inhabited and has been considered of Cultural Interest by the Junta de Andalucía.

Next, we will arrive at the
Vázquez de Molina Square
the esplanade with the most monuments per square meter in Europe. This place is also responsible for the
for the recognition of Úbeda as a World Heritage City.
. Once there, we will be impressed with the monuments that are located there, such as the Vázquez Molina Palace, the Sacred Chapel of the Savior and the Basilica of Santa María de los Reales
Palace of Vázquez Molina, the Sacred Chapel of the Savior and the Basilica of Santa María de los Reales Alcázares, among others.
among others.

From there we will continue our free tour through Úbeda next to the
Palace of Francisco de los Cobos
San Juan de la Cruz Museum
and the
San Miguel Church
. Then we will arrive at the
Plaza Primero de Mayo
where we will find the
San Pablo Church
and the
and the old Casas Consistoriales

Finally, after an hour and 45 minutes, we will conclude the free tour by visiting the place where the singer and poet Joaquín Sabina was born.
where the singer and poet Joaquín Sabina was born.

Meeting Point and Duration

The meeting point for the Free Tour Úbeda is at Calle Real, 13. The approximate duration is one hour and forty-five minutes.

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