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Free tours of Ponferrada are the perfect excuse to take some time to learn more about Spain’s cultural heritage.

The free tours Ponferrada are free tours organized by guides that show the most emblematic tourist sites of a town or city. These tours are usually done on foot.

While there are several options and types of free tours in Spain, most are usually tours that include approximately 10 to 12 people. and last between 1 and 3 hours depending on the planned itinerary.

In any case, always check the detailed information we provide to know all the details of your free tour: schedules, cancellation policy, meeting point and all the information you need to make the most of your experience without having to worry about anything.

What to see and do in Ponferrada?

is a beautiful Spanish city located in the province of León, which is surrounded by mountains and breathtaking natural landscapes. The main attraction of this region is its magnificent
Templar Castle
an imposing historical monument of the
XII century
that has been restored and preserved for the enjoyment of visitors.

Templar Castle of Ponferrada
The Templar Castle of Ponferrada is one of the most emblematic monuments of the province of León. Its construction dates back to the
12th century
and was used by the
Order of the Temple
as a strategic point to protect the
Way of St. James.
. Throughout its history, it has witnessed numerous battles and war conflicts.

Plaza de la Virgen de la Encina
The Plaza de la Virgen de la Encina, located in
is an emblematic place that cannot be missing in the itinerary of any traveler. This public space is surrounded by historical and monumental buildings such as the Basilica of Nuestra Señora de la Encina, the
Basilica of Nuestra Señora de la Encina and the Town Hall.
and the City Hall.


Darkness takes over Ponferrada and the lights begin to illuminate some of the most famous monuments of the city of Leon, all of them full of stories and legends worth knowing. full of stories and legends worthy of knowing.. Would you like to meet them?

We will find ourselves in front of the access ramps of the
Templar castle of Ponferrada
at the indicated time and we will start touring Ponferrada in search of the most surprising most surprising stories that surround surrounding the city.

We will first visit the surroundings of the
Templar Castle
fortress that guards every year the
Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail.
. We will tell you all the secrets of the
legendary knights of the Order of the Temple
A powerful order that disappeared years ago… Or is it still alive?

We will go up to the Virgen de la Encina square, where we will go back in time to discover the history of the image that gives its name to this basilica.where we will go back in time to discover the history of the image that gives its name to the basilica of this square. It was hidden for centuries!

We will continue wandering through the historic center of Ponferrada discovering other curiosities of the city, such as its links with the Order of the Golden Fleece.
Order of the Golden Fleece
. Also, we will see an old 16th century prison and we will remember how people lived here after the Spanish Civil War.

After an hour of sightseeing, we will end the tour of the mysteries and legends of Ponferrada at the Town Hall Square.

Meeting Point and Duration

The meeting point of the Free Tour Ponferrada is the access ramps to the castle of Ponferrada. It lasts approximately one hour.

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