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What to see and do in Pals?

Pals, Catalonia is a small medieval town located in the heart of the Costa Brava. Its name comes from the Latin “palus”, which means swamp, due to its location near the wetlands of the area. It is a place with a great historical and architectural heritage, with cobblestone streets and stone houses dating back to the 14th century.

Pals Town Hall
The Town Hall of Pals is one of the most emblematic buildings of the medieval village of Pals, located in the Catalan region. Built during the 13th century as a fortress to protect the city, this structure has been restored and renovated several times over the years to become the administrative center of the municipality.

Saint Peter’s Church
St. Peter’s Church, located in the charming medieval village of Pals, Catalonia, is an architectural jewel dating back to the 14th century. This Romanesque church with three naves has an impressive octagonal bell tower and a beautiful facade with Gothic details. Inside, its starry vaults decorated with medieval frescoes and several chapels adorned with baroque sculptures stand out.

Tower of the Hours
The Tower of the Hours in Pals, Catalonia is an impressive 11th century tower that rises majestically over the urban landscape. Known locally as “Torre de les Hores”, this historic structure has a clock on its façade that dates back to the 18th century and is still in operation today. The tower has witnessed many important events over the years, including several battles and conflicts during the Middle Ages.


We will meet you at the reserved time at the Plaza Mayor of Pals to know with this free tour one of the most beautiful villages of the Costa Brava.

We will start in front of the Town Hall of Pals with a historical introduction about the municipality and its territory. Did you know that its origin dates back to the 9th century?

Then we will cross the wall to enter the historic center, where we will travel to the Middle Ages, walking through its Gothic houses and public buildings and learning about the ancient customs of the city.
ancient customs
customs of the town. In addition, we will find out what the main local product is. Can you guess?

We will cross the
Main Street
to get to the church of San Pedro. In front of this imposing monument of Romanesque style we will know the details of its construction, in which the stones of the castle were used.

Next we will see the
Tower of the Hours
the only part of the castle of the XI century that is still preserved and that was destroyed in the XV century. Then we will cross the wall again to observe wonderful views of the region of Baix Empordà and the Pyrenees mountain range.

We will end the tour at the same starting point.

Meeting Point and Duration

The meeting point of the Free Tour Pals Plaza Calapruna. It lasts approximately one hour.

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