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What to see and do in Jávea?

Jávea is a beautiful municipality located in the Valencian Community, Spain. Also known as Xàbia, this coastal town is located at the foot of Montgó and has a wide variety of stunning beaches and coves that captivate its visitors. In addition to its natural beauty, Jávea offers a wide range of activities to enjoy both in and out of the water.

Old Wall of Jávea
The Old Wall of Jávea, located in the Valencian Community, is a historic structure dating back to the 14th century. This wall surrounded and protected the old town of Jávea, witnessing numerous events over the years. Despite the passage of time and climatic adversities, much of the wall is still standing and has been restored for conservation.

Church of San Bartolomé
The Church of San Bartolomé in Jávea, Comunidad Valenciana is an impressive historical and religious monument that certainly deserves a visit. This church is considered one of the most emblematic and oldest sites in the city, with origins dating back to the 14th century.

Municipal Market of Abastos
The Mercado Municipal de Abastos in Jávea is a vibrant and lively place where visitors can enjoy an endless variety of fresh products. From fruits and vegetables to freshly caught meats and fish, this market offers its customers the best that the Valencian community has to offer.


At the indicated time, we will meet in front of the Town Hall to start this free tour of Javea. Are you ready to discover the great attractions of one of the most beautiful towns in Alicante?
most beautiful towns of Alicante
? Here we go!

Having made the introductions, we will begin the tour by reviewing the history of Jávea.
history of Jávea
while we approach its most emblematic places. We will discover how it was
from its beginnings to the 20th century

We will make a stop at the
municipal market of Abastos
. Did you know that in the seventeenth century the convent of the Augustinian convent of the Augustinian Discalced? Afterwards, we will continue our visit to the
church of San Bartolomé
whose origins date back to the 14th century. A great example of the
Valencian Gothic style

Another of the places we will pass through will be the
prince of Asturias street
where the old wall of Jávea is located , built in the 19th century to defend the city from the
Napoleonic troops

In addition, during the free tour of Jávea we will not only see its most outstanding places, but we will also talk about the legends that are hidden among the squares, castles and corners of Jávea.
legends that are hidden among the squares, castles and corners of one of the
of one of the most popular
most popular destinations on the Costa Blanca.

Two hours later, we will finish the route saying goodbye on Federico García Lorca street.

Meeting Point and Duration

The meeting point for the Free Tour Jávea is at Plaza de la Iglesia, 4. It lasts approximately two hours.

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