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The free tours Castillo Santa Barbara are free tours organized by guides that show the most emblematic tourist sites of a town or city. These tours are usually done on foot.

While there are several options and types of free tours in Spain, most are usually tours that include approximately 10 to 12 people. and last between 1 and 3 hours depending on the planned itinerary.

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What to see at Castillo Santa Barbara?

The Castle of Santa Barbara is a fortress located at the top of Mount Benacantil, in Alicante, Valencia. Built by the Muslims during the 9th century, it was used as a fortification until the 18th century.

Inside are different rooms and halls that house permanent and temporary exhibitions on the history of the city and the castle itself. It also has a viewpoint from where you can appreciate an impressive panoramic view of the entire city of Alicante and its Mediterranean coast.

Access to the castle is via an elevator or a steep but rewarding hike to the top. Undoubtedly, the Castle of Santa Barbara is one of the most emblematic and important places not only for Alicante but also for the whole of Spain due to its rich history and unique architectural beauty that make it a true cultural treasure.


At the summit of
Benacantil mountain
stands the castle of Santa Barbara. We will meet at the Patio de Armas at the appointed time to begin this free tour of one of the largest
one of the largest medieval fortresses in Spain.

For two hours, we will go back to the Muslim era.
Muslim period
to learn about the history of the castle since its construction. As we walk around corners such as the
Tower of Homage
the Tower of Santa Catalina or the
We will discover the rebellions, betrayals and struggles that have occurred within its walls. Do you know which king starred in a death match in this place?

This tour would not be complete without reference to the legends of wandering ghosts and love stories.
legends of wandering ghosts and love stories that have taken place here.
that have taken place here. What tragic event gave the castle’s profile the name of “La Cara del Moro” (The Face of the Moor)?
“The Face of the Moor”?
? You will have to wait until the day of the tour to find out.

In addition to being a testimony of the history of Alicante, the Santa Barbara Castle is an essential place to visit. Its location at 166 meters of altitude makes it the ideal point to obtain a panoramic view of the bay of Alicante. panoramic view of the bay of Alicante and its surroundings.

After a two-hour tour, we will say goodbye having learned all about the history of Santa Barbara Castle.

Meeting Point and Duration

The meeting point of the Free Tour Castillo Santa Barbara is at the Patio de Armas of the Santa Barbara Castle. It lasts approximately two hours.

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