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What to see and do in ?

Cáceres, Extremadura is a city full of history and culture dating back to Roman times. Its old town, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986, is surrounded by medieval walls and houses impressive Renaissance and Baroque buildings. Visitors can stroll through its narrow cobblestone streets to discover numerous palaces, churches and historic squares such as the Plaza Mayor or the Plaza de Santa Maria.

Co-cathedral of Santa María
The Co-cathedral of Santa Maria, located in the heart of the historic center of the city of Caceres, is an architectural and cultural jewel with a rich artistic heritage. This majestic Gothic cathedral was built during the 15th century on the ruins of a former Muslim mosque. Its main façade is impressive, with two bell towers crowned by pyramidal spires and a central rose window symbolizing the divine eye.

Santa Maria Square
The Plaza de Santa María is an emblematic place known for its architectural beauty and historical importance. In the center is the imposing Torre del Bujaco, a medieval defensive tower dating from the 12th century that has witnessed numerous events over the years.

Toledo-Moctezuma Palace
The Toledo-Moctezuma Palace is a majestic building that dates from the 15th century and has a Gothic-Renaissance style that makes it a unique and impressive architectural work. Its main facade has a large tower with three sections topped by an octagonal spire and is decorated with noble coats of arms and heraldic motifs.



Starting from the Plaza de Santa María in Cáceres, we will begin this free tour through the historic center in search of the legacy that Muslims, Jews and Christians left in this World Heritage City.

We will start by observing the exterior of two of the most important buildings dedicated to Christian worship in Cáceres: the Co-cathedral of Santa María and the Church of San Francisco Javier. The white towers of the latter are one of the most recognizable images of the city.

Walking, we will reach different palaces of Cáceres such as that of the Golfines de Abajo, that of Carvajal or that of Toledo-Moctezuma. Did you know that it was the home of the daughter of the Aztec emperor Moctezuma II? You will be surprised by its history!

Nearby, we will find the streets where the old aljama of Cáceres was located (the Jewish quarter.) As we continue our walk, we will learn about the gastronomic facet of the town, discovering the secrets of dishes such as migas, changaina or Iberian ham. Your mouth will be watering!

The free tour through Cáceres will take us to the San Jorge Square, one of the most charming squares of the city. In addition, we will see the
the towers of La Hierba and Bujaco 
built in the Andalusian period.

Afterwards, we will continue discovering the medieval past of Cáceres walking through the Plaza Mayor, surrounded by beautiful arcades of the XVI century. Finally, we will cross the Arch of the Star and learn about the most significant events that took place here in past centuries, years in which many legends were forged that survive today.

After two and a half hours, we will end the tour under the Arch of the Star.


Meeting Point and Duration

The meeting point for the Free Tour Cáceres is at the Plaza de Santa María. It lasts approximately two and a half hours.

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