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Enjoy the best free tour offers in Poland.
It is an ideal plan to discover the towns and cities of Poland in an economical way. . Find out more here and book your free tour with one of our partners in the destination.
Whether you come as a couple, a family with children or on your own, discover Poland with local guides.

Best Free Tours Poland

Discover Poland for free! Warsaw, Krakow Poznam y
are some of the most beautiful cities in Poland and offer amazing free tours so you can get to know them better.

Here is our selection of the best free tours in Poland:

Main Free Tours in Poland

What to see and do in Poland?

If you are looking for an exciting destination for your next vacation, Poland is the perfect place for you. Here you will find a wealth of activities to keep you busy throughout your stay.

One of the most popular places in Poland is the old town of Krakow where you will find the impressive
Market Square
surrounded by historic buildings and restaurants serving traditional Polish food. You can also visit the salt mines
located near
where you can explore impressive subway tunnels carved in pure salt and adorned with handmade sculptures.

For art and culture lovers, Warsaw offers several museums such as the
National Museum
or the
Fryderyk Chopin Museum
dedicated to the famous Polish composer.

Finally, you can’t miss Poland without tasting its delicious typical food such as pierogi (stuffed pies), zapiekanka (Polish pizza) or kiełbasa (sausage). ¡Poland has a lot to offer so get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

Main Points of Interest in Poland

One of the main points of interest in Poland is its capital,
. This city has a rich history and culture, which can be appreciated in its numerous museums and historical monuments.

One of the most emblematic places is the
Palace of Culture and Science
built by Stalin during the communist era. Another must-see is the old town of
declared a
a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Other major cities include
known as a medieval architectural jewel;
famous for its historical seaport; and
called “the Venice of Poland” because of its river canals and picturesque bridges.

Nature also plays an important role in Poland: the Bieszczady National Park in
Bieszczady National Park
National Park offers spectacular panoramic views, ideal for hiking; the
Tatras Mountains
are a popular tourist destination for skiing enthusiasts, while the coastal dunes of the Słowiński
Słowiński National Park
National Park offer pristine beaches surrounded by wild and breathtaking scenery.

Main cities in Poland

Poland is a country full of history and culture, with a lot of beautiful cities to visit.

Among the main cities of Poland is the capital,
which boasts impressive medieval and baroque architecture in its old town.

There is also
a historical city full of life and color where you can find ancient churches and medieval castles.

Another important city is
located on the coast of the
Baltic Sea
known for its paradisiacal beaches and its historical monuments such as the town hall or the cathedral of
St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral

In addition, there are Wroclaw , Poznan y Lodz which also offer many tourist attractions such as museums, art galleries and typical restaurants where you can taste the most traditional Polish dishes such as pierogi or bigos.

In short Poland offers many interesting options to get to know its culture and history as well as its unique gastronomy within the European panorama.

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