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Enjoy the best free tours Latvia has to offer.
It is
an ideal plan to discover the towns and cities of Latvia in an economic way.
. Find out more here and book your free tour with one of our partners in the destination.

Whether you come as a couple, a family with children or alone, discover Latvia with local guides.

Best Free Tours Latvia

Discover Malta for free! Riga y
are some of the most beautiful cities in Latvia and offer amazing free tours so you can get to know them better.

Here is our selection of the best free tours in Latvia:

  • Free Tour


    One of the best free tours you can find in Riga. You will get to know the city accompanied by a local guide who will tell you all about its history and its most emblematic places.

What to see and do in Latvia?

If you are thinking of visiting
you can’t miss the experience of touring Riga, its capital. This city has an impressive old town that has been declared a World Heritage Site.
World Heritage Site
World Heritage

Here you can enjoy a variety of cultural and touristic activities such as visiting the
Museum of Art Nouveau
or stroll through its cobblestone streets to appreciate the historic buildings and monuments such as the Clock Tower, St. Peter’s Cathedral or Riga Castle.
Clock Tower, St. Peter’s Cathedral or Riga Castle.

If you want to learn more about local traditions, we recommend you to attend a popular festival such as
where the summer solstice is celebrated by dancing around the fire while tasting typical dishes such as “
jāņu siers
“, fresh cheese with aromatic herbs.

In addition, Latvia is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts as it has beautiful beaches in
and Liepaja as well as national parks full of nature trails ideal for hiking and spotting unique animal species such as wolves or lynxes. Don’t miss this unique opportunity and visit Latvia today!

Main Points of Interest in Latvia

is a country with a rich history and culture that is reflected in the main tourist attractions.

Capital city,
is famous for its impressive art nouveau architecture, such as the Gaudi building, as well as St. John’s Cathedral and Riga Castle.
St. John’s Cathedral and Riga Castle.

In addition,
has beautiful natural parks such as the Gauja National Park
Gauja National Park
where you can practice outdoor activities and enjoy the natural scenery.

Another important attraction is the unspoiled beaches of the Baltic Sea.
Baltic Sea
Liepaja and Jurmala
for those looking to relax by the sea.

there are also numerous spas where you can rejuvenate your body and mind after a long day exploring the city or walking through nature.

Also worth a visit is the
Rundale Palace
near Bauska to admire its grand baroque architecture, spectacular gardens and countless artistic masterpieces inside the palace.

These are just a few outstanding examples among many other tourist attractions that make Latvia a unique and interesting destination for any curious traveler.

Main cities of Latvia

is a Baltic country with a large number of interesting cities to explore.

Among the main cities are
the capital of the country, famous for its impressive Art Nouveau architecture.
Art Nouveau
and its medieval old town, a UNESCO World Heritage
World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Another important city is
located in southeastern Latvia, known for its fortress and picturesque pedestrian streets.

There is also
in the west of the country, famous for its golden beaches and vibrant music community.

In addition,
is a university town full of history and culture with numerous parks and public gardens for relaxing strolls.

Last but not least is
located on the shores of the
Baltic Sea
where you can enjoy a quiet vacation by the sea with beautiful panoramic views from the cliffs near the crystal clear water.

Exploring all these cities will give you a deeper insight into the best that Latvia has to offer.
has to offer!

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