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It is an ideal plan to discover the towns and cities of Ireland in an economical way. Find out more here and book your free tour with one of our partners in the destination.
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Best Free Tours Ireland

Discover Ireland for free! Dublin and Galway are some of the most beautiful cities in Ireland and offer amazing free tours so you can get to know them better. Here is our selection of the best free tours in Ireland:

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What to see and do in Ireland?

If you are planning a trip to Ireland there are many things to see and do. One of the most popular places to visit is the city of Dublin, where you can explore the Dublin Castle, stroll through the Temple Bar and enjoy the vibrant cultural scene at the National Museum of Modern Art.

Also, don’t miss the opportunity to travel along the famous Atlantic Coastal Route, which will take you through breathtaking landscapes such as rugged cliffs and pristine beaches.

It is also advisable to visit the ancient megalithic sites such as Newgrange or the medieval ruins such as the Celtic round towers at

And if you’re a fan of Irish whiskey, be sure to stop at a local distillery for some exceptional samples.

Ireland has a lot of land to discover!


Main Points of Interest in Ireland

The Ireland is a country full of history and culture that offers a wide variety of tourist sites to visit.

One of the main points of interest in Ireland is the Cliff of Moher, located on the  west coast of County Clare, with breathtaking panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Another highlight is the Glendalough Monastery Ruins, located in the Wicklow Mountains National Park dating back to the 6th century and showcasing Ireland’s rich Christian heritage.

In addition, you can’t miss a visit to The Giant’s Causeway, a natural wonder formed 60 million years ago located near the northern coastal town of Ballycastle. This attraction has more than 40 thousand hexagonal columns perfectly carved by volcanic processes unique in the world.

Finally, another interesting point is The Book of Kells exhibited at Trinity College Dublin-a medieval illustrative manuscript created by Celtic monks- along with other historical objects very important for the Irish cultural heritage.


Major Cities in Ireland

Ireland is a country full of charm and natural beauty, but it also has some impressive cities worth visiting. 

Among the main cities of Ireland is Dublin, the country’s capital and one of the most popular destinations for tourists due to its vibrant nightlife, museums and art galleries, as well as its famous Irish pubs where you can listen to live traditional music.

Another important city is Cork, located in the south of the country and known for its unique Victorian architecture, not to mention the fact that it is a must stop for whiskey lovers thanks to its Old Jameson distillery.

At Limerick we find a perfect blend of history and innovation with interesting places such as the King John’s Castle or the imposing
University of Limerick, 
while in the meantime Galway offers an authentic Irish experience with its annual cultural festivals and cobblestone streets lined with local stores.

Undoubtedly, these are just a few samples of the charm of the main cities of Ireland.

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