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Best Free Tours Greece

Discover Greece for free!  Athens, Thessaloniki and Corfu are some of the most beautiful cities in Greece  and offer amazing free tours so you can get to know them better. Here is our selection of the best free tours in Greece:

Main Free Tours of Greece

What to see and do in Greece?

If you are planning a trip to Greece there are many things to see and do. First on the list is to visit the ancient historical sites such as the Parthenon
at Athens or the Theater of Epidaurus in the Peloponnese.

You can also explore the Greek islands, such as Santorini and Mykonos, where you will find stunning beaches and panoramic views of the Aegean Sea.

For those interested in military history, a visit to the Corinth Canal can be fascinating to learn about its role during the world wars.

Also, don’t miss out on sampling the local food while browsing the traditional markets or enjoying elegant dinners with live music in local taverns. 

In brief, Greece offers a wide variety of options for all tastes and tourist interests.


Main Points of Interest in Greece

Greece is a country with a rich history and culture, which is reflected in its main tourist attractions. 

One of the most impressive is the Parthenon, located on the Acropolis of Athens. This temple dedicated to Athena Parthenos is considered one of the greatest architectural achievements of the ancient world.

Another remarkable site is the ruins of Delphi, home to the famous Oracle, which was consulted by ancient political and military leaders to make important decisions.

There is also the island of Santorini known for its natural beauty and beautiful beaches surrounded by white houses with blue roofs typical of the Cycladic architectural style.

If you want to know more about Greek mythology you cannot miss Olympia, where the Olympic Games in honor of the god Zeus, known worldwide to this day, was born.

In short, Greece has a lot to offer on a cultural and historical level for all those who love art and ancient history.

Major Cities in Greece

Greece is a country full of history and culture, with cities that are true archaeological treasures.

Among the main cities of Greece is Athens, the capital of the country and cradle of western civilization.

It is home to the famous temples of the Parthenon and the Erechtheion, as well as other impressive monuments that transport us to ancient times.

There is also Thessaloniki, a lively city with Byzantine walls and a lively seaport.

Another important city is Corfu, on the island of the same name located in the Ionian Sea. Its old town was declared a World Heritage Site
for its unique beauty and history.

In addition, we cannot fail to mention Crete, the largest island of the country with a rich Minoan heritage  and paradisiacal beaches  that attract tourists all year round.

Undoubtedly, these are some of the main Greek cities you must visit if you want to learn more about this fascinating nation.


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