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Enjoy the best free tour offers in Denmark.
It is
an ideal plan to discover the towns and cities of Denmark in an economical way.
. Find out more here and book your free tour with one of our partners in the destination.

Whether you come as a couple, a family with children or on your own, discover Denmark with local guides.

Best Free Tours Denmark

Discover Denmark for free! Copenhagen y
are some of the most beautiful cities in Denmark and offer amazing free tours so you can get to know them better.

Here is our selection of the best free tours in Denmark:

  • Free Tour


    One of the best free tours you can find in Denmark. You can visit the city accompanied by a local guide who will tell you all about its history and its most emblematic places.

  • Free Tour Aarhus
    Another great free tour not to be missed if you visit Aarhus. With it, you will be able to discover all the most beautiful corners of this beautiful city.

What to see and do in Denmark?

If you are planning a trip to Denmark, you are in luck! This beautiful Scandinavian land has a wide variety of tourist attractions.

-The first mandatory stop is


the capital and largest city of the country. Here you can find the famous
a charming canal surrounded by historic houses painted in bright colors.

-You can also visit the
Tivoli Gardens
one of the oldest theme parks in the world that is still in operation.

-If you are interested in Viking history
Viking history
history, you can’t miss the opportunity to explore the impressive ruins of the
Egeskov Castle
Castle or the archaeological remains at
Ribe Viking Center

-In addition, for those interested in modern and contemporary Danish culture, there is the ARoS Aarhus Art Museum.
ARoS Aarhus Art Museum
where you can enjoy contemporary art known worldwide as “Your Rainbow Panorama”.
“Your Rainbow Panorama”.

With so much cultural and historical diversity in
there is something for everyone; it is sure to be an unforgettable destination for any travel lover.

Main Points of Interest in Denmark

is a country rich in history, culture and natural beauty. One of the main points of interest in
is the capital city,


. There you will find the famous Tivoli Park, one of the oldest theme parks in the world that offers a unique experience for the whole family.

In addition, you can’t miss a visit to the
Amalienborg Royal Palace
and the harbor
with its colorful buildings and lively restaurants.

Another must-see is the
Kronborg Castle in Helsingør
known as the castle that inspired Shakespeare to write Hamlet.

Also worth a visit is Aarhus, the second largest city in the country and home to the AROSS Museum.
ARoS Museum
with its iconic work “The Boy” by artist Ron Mueck.

Finally, if you are a fan of nature, you can’t miss the stunning white dunes and pristine beaches at
or explore the spectacular fjords along the Danish west coast using an environmentally friendly hydrogen-powered tourist ferry called “The Spirit of the Fjord” as a means of transportation.

These are only a few examples of the many fascinating places that
has to offer its international visitors.

Main cities in Denmark

The main cities of
are surprising in many ways.


the capital, is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city that offers visitors a wide variety of tourist attractions.


Aarhus is considered the second largest city in the country and has a very active university environment thanks to the presence of several important educational institutions.

Other notable cities include
(birthplace of the writer Hans Christian Andersen),
(known for its fishing port) and
(famous for its music festival).

In all of these cities you can enjoy a wealth of cultural activities as well as experience the unique Danish style known as “Hygge”.

Other Experiences and Activities in Denmark


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