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"He who lives sees a lot. He who travels sees more."

Arabic proverb


Free Tours in Spain

This is your opportunity to get to know better Spanish cities or towns that you may have visited before but have not had the time to stop and visit them.
77 destinations

Free Tours in Europe

More and more European destinations are offering Free Walking Tours in English (and other languages) so that you can get to know Europe in a fun atmosphere.
35 destinations

Free Tours around the World

If your thing goes beyond Europe, here you will find the destinations where we can recommend a free tour in Africa, Asia, North and Latin America.
84 destinations

Tourist Buses

If the walking tour option doesn't appeal to you or you have difficulty walking for a long time to see the city, try the hop on hop off buses. Discover them here !
15 destinations

Not all free tours are the same!

In essence, Free Tours are what they are, free tours conducted in places of general or tourist interest by guides. The guides are mostly professional guides who offer routes that they discuss along the way with their companions.

The free tour approach is as good as it sounds. You book the tour you are interested in by providing your email address and show up at the meeting point that you will find in your booking confirmation.

From there the great advantage of the free tour is that it allows you to give a tip (obligatory to be brief here) based on your experience during the tour. You come to pay the tour guide for his service once he has provided you with the service. Therefore, it goes without saying that the guide who accompanies you is the first one who expects you to have a great time. Your generosity and that of your group members depends on it.

What to expect from a Free Tour?

Probably usually a mix of fun and culture. Ideal to enjoy quality leisure time with your family and friends.
It is important that you please go with the desire to have a good time and that is basically the only rule to live an exceptional experience.

Free Tours Ratings & Reviews?

Just look at the reviews and ratings of the free tours in all the reference portals by couples, families and small groups to see that they are the best rated tours on the market. They rarely go below a 9/10 as an average score with already hundreds of reviews.

What is the secret of success?

So do not hesitate, give a chance to this modern tourism formula where you will be lucky enough to meet local people and places that will make you see tourism in the best possible way, from the hand of a local.

Free Tours and much more

Mifreetour invites you to explore, visit and discover in the most fun and cheapest way!

Take advantage of our Free Tour offers in the best tourist attractions in the world. From Burgos to New York, not forgetting Istanbul or Seville, Mifreetour gives you access to the best free tours available on the internet. Take the opportunity to see the most beautiful sights of each city or town you visit.

You will be able to spend an unforgettable day where…
Relax and fun are combined in the way you choose!